Connecting with nature

Connecting with nature

I haven’t felt like sharing my life with my blog audience lately. It’s been too personal. Too raw. A time to go within and retreat or at least journal rather than blog. I can be fairly open on these pages, I have shared more on a blog than I ever thought I would, and yet there are times when it just won’t do. It’s not the time or the place.

Talking of places, The Cottage has been The Place this month. I knew it would fun and a great place to Be but really….within just 3 weeks it has proved to be a complete gift! It has exceeded my high expectations already. Perhaps it’s just the honeymoon period. Maybe I’ll get bored. Maybe, but I doubt it. What I find when I arrive at this beautiful, simple, yet comfortable retreat is oh-so-valuable. It’s like my stress-o-meter re-sets to zero. It’s almost instant upon arrival. I couldn’t have predicted that. It feels great!

We arrived late on Friday, after a busy week, in our respective ways. The drive is straight forward in this weather, so we begin to relax on the journey and the promise of what’s at the end of the road assists with that relaxation.

We don’t notice how clear the night sky is when we are driving and when we arrive, the temperature feels perfect for sitting out on the deck with a welcome beverage. The air is cool, there does not appear to be a feeling of bugs in the air, just beautiful lake air, so we sit. As soon as our eyes adjust to the darkness, the night sky hits us. The sky is FULL of stars! Oh my….we don’t exactly live in The City but I haven’t seen a sky like this since I was in South Africa! Or at least that is what springs to mind. I saw my first shooting star! Can you  believe that? At my age, never seen one until now? It’s true…but now I have and it was incredible. Such pure and simple joy! Inspired by nature.

Nature continued to inspire me all weekend. I’ve always said it feels great to be out in nature and that it nourishes my soul….but at the same time, I’d forgotten that lately. I have not been in nature enough. I  have not been feeling inspired…could the two be related? Surely just a “co-incidence”.

The next morning I was encouraged to try the new kayak on the lake. I am quite sure there are not many people out there, especially living in Canada, who need to be encouraged or asked twice to go kayaking on the lake. Well, in my defense I’m neither Canadian nor a water-lover, so it was a fairly significant Moment for me. Getting in was a bit tricky but with some patient assistance I managed to remain calm and Step in…and….relax! Well, almost….once out on the water, it was so still and peaceful, it was a lot easier than I imagined, to let my guard down, let go of my well conditioned fear! I even found I could pretty much operate the paddle and head in the direction I intended to! It wasn’t perfect of course, it was my first time (yes, another first!) but I was rather impressed and rather pleased with myself I have to tell you.  So there I was out kayaking on the lake….taking in the nature surrounding me. I saw my first Bullfrog! We have been hearing these little chaps for weeks now. At first wondering what on earth the noise was…it is quite distinctive and Very Loud! Anyway….there he was just sitting on the edge of the shore and he let me take a good look at him without leaping at me and causing me to topple the kayak. Oh so grateful for that!

I returned to shore to feel smug and pleased with myself and to read a little to take some photographs of other people kayaking. I was busy aiming my camera when I heard something else, very distinctive….it was a Hummingbird! He swooped in front of me….hovered….so I could get a good look and say Hi…but unfortunately he didn’t stick around long enough for me to get a good shot, he was gone as quick as he appeared, but what beauty! Truly….I feel like I am gushing about nature here….OK, Yes, I admit it, I AM gushing about nature! So many of us take it for granted. We live on a stunning planet, full of beauty and wonder and yet so much of our time is spent completely blinkered to this beauty…the beauty that can trigger Joy, if you stay still just long enough.